You’re about to discover what it takes to create more buyers and lift your business to the next profitable level…

Professional Copywriter Reveals The Secrets

On How You Can Increase Profits And

Make More Money This Year Than Ever Before…


Dear Ambitious Business Owner,

If you’re tired of your prospects always buying your competitor’s products instead of yours…

If your marketing isn’t making the amount of sales you want right now…

If you want to make more money this year than you ever have before…

Then I have some good news for you….

I can help you make more money. A lot more money. How? By helping you take your business and elevate it to a higher, more profitable level.

But before I do, let me take a minute and introduce myself. Hi, my name is Ryan Vaca and I’m a professional copywriter and persuasion expert. Of course, I wasn’t born that way.

Not even close.

You see, like most young guys, I was really clueless about girls. I hate to admit it but when I would try to ask a girl out, I would have butterflies in my stomach and act like the cat got my tongue!

Of course, since the cat had my tongue and I didn’t really know how to catch a girl’s attention, I started developing the wrong beliefs about the fairer sex… which didn’t help me at all.

Despite all that, I’d still try to talk to girls I didn’t even know. Sure, I’d get rejected, but I still wouldn’t give up. I’d simply shake it off and try to strike up a conversation with a new lady. (Little did I know how much learning to handle objections would help me later in life.)

As time went by, I met some very interesting people.

One buddy of mine in particular had a knack for talking to women. We use to play cards all the time. He was older than me and had a lot of experience I could tell. And I was inspired by this friend.

I would see him talk to girls effortlessly and it was amazing to me. I was inspired by him, so I started watching and learning from what he said and what he did. I didn’t realize then but that was how I started learning about influence and persuasion.

It started by acting in a more likable way and putting my thoughts out there. As I started making little changes and acting a little different, I realized you could actually control your outcomes with people. But what I didn’t know on a conscious level, is that was actually persuasion…

It wasn’t until I started studying psychology & positioning that I finally saw the underlying structure of what made people do what you want. It was then when everything started to make sense.

Suddenly, it became a whole different world for me. I realized that using proven psychology and positioning methods had a real effect on people and situations. Looking back, I was able to learn from my past mistakes.

Fast forward to the present day. After years of studying psychology, influence, and persuasion. I learned how to get winning results in many aspects of life… Especially in sales!

After years of being in the trenches, using persuasive skills, I discovered what I needed to do to take a person from prospect to a buyer. Suddenly, closing deal after deal began to feel like a natural skill.

But I wasn’t just a master closer. You see, each and every job I had, I had to write scripts that would be made to get the prospect to take the action I wanted them to take. This would help me turn prospects into buyers at a faster rate.

But, I couldn’t always get in front of them in person.

I couldn’t always get them on the phone either. Sometimes I had to reach prospects by email or even a plain old letter. At first it wasn’t easy.

I had to figure out a way how to put words on paper that would work.

So I started doing some research on how to close deals in print.

As I looked around for more information, I realized there was a certain type of skill to this.

I realized that my vast experience in persuasion could not only be used to speak with one person, but could lead thousands of people into taking the type of action I wanted.

That is how I stumbled upon the skill of “Copywriting”: The art of organizing and crafting a message in a certain way that would help any business to multiply their sales.

And in just a few moments you’ll find out how I could…

Take Your Business To The Next Profitable Level

Look, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling a pepperoni pizza, a yacht, or an e-book.

You have to be known as the authority or the “Go-to-business”. Because if you’re not, then your customers will go to your competition.

Put it this way….

Are you determined to finally become the authority — so prospects are buying your product instead of your competitors?

Do you hate hearing your competition being called the “go-to business” — when you know you offer a better product?

Are you fed up with TRYING to prove your worth — rather than effortlessly being known as the “Top Choice”?

If so, then I have wonderful news for you. I can get you to the level where your customers view you as the “go-to-business”. And I can help you convince more of them to buy from you — instead of your competition.

I can even help strengthen your authoritative standing in the market place.

Okay, Ryan That’s Nice But… What Does That Have To Do With My Business?”

Good question. Here’s why my skills should matter to you and your business.

If you need a marketing piece online that makes sales, then I can help. If you need an offline project like direct mail written, then I can help you with that too.

And thanks to my professional help, you’ll see more prospects eager to hand over the money in exchange for your product.

You’ll see your sales start to climb. You’ll hear your phones start ringing off the hook as customers call to inquire about your services. You might even need to hire new staff to answer all of those new calls!

These are the type of “problems” I’ll bet you won’t mind having…

 … When You See Your Bank Account Growing By Leaps and Bounds!

Whether you are re-launching a product or doing a launch for a new one, you’ll want a copywriter that will help take your business to reach amounts of sales never seen before.

By us working together, you can make a whole lot of money. Your marketing will be written to increase your sales, jump start your prospects’ buying decisions, and increase conversions.

Of course, the biggest wild card is you.

Are you going to take a hold of your business and create more buyers than you ever have?

Are you going to take your business to the next profitable level?

Are you determined to make more money this year than you ever have before?

Or are you going to live the same way you did yesterday…

If you are like me, and always moving forward, then you definitely don’t want to have anything to do with yesterday.

Wouldn’t you rather move forward and…

Build Your Empire In Record Time

It’s the decisions you make today that define where you are going. By hiring me, you are making the decision to start building your empire even faster than before.

Of course…

Powerful sales copy isn’t created in a day…

The truth is, writing a powerful sales letter is very time consuming.

On average it should take a professional copywriter 3-4 weeks to fully research the target market but lower-priced copywriters will try to short-cut it and it shows in what they write. Then there is the actual writing process. It also takes a significant amount of time to produce powerful profit making sales copy.

If you have an urgent project that needs attention or a launch that is coming soon, contact me ASAP.

If you are in need of a sales letter within 1-2 weeks, then contact me ASAP to discuss a specific deadline.

Prices start at $3000 for urgent copy.

I charge an upfront rush fee because I will be working around the clock to deliver your project on short notice and on time.

Some people think of hiring a copywriter as an expense… and they would be wrong. It’s actually more of an investment in your business that delivers massive profits to your bank account.


Walt Disney was taught that when you do anything worth doing, then its worth doing great.

Conrad Hilton said that you have to stay away from being comfortable, and to do what it takes to keep pushing yourself to the next level.

Donald Trump said “As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.”

Each one of them became a legend in their own industry. I want to help you do the same.

By hiring me, you are going to make the very wise decision to let me help you ramp your business up and take it into a far more profitable level.

So here’s the next step:

First contact me using the form below. And don’t worry my form is 100% safe from spammers. I won’t sell your information either.

Next we’ll schedule a completely confidential consultation. The consultation is at no cost(valued at $599) to you and I will ask all the questions necessary to learn more about your product. I will go over your marketing plan and point out any flaws you may have overlooked.

Throughout the project, you will get timely updates when its appropriate and I won’t waste your time with minor updates.

If new information pops up that you think may be helpful, then you may go ahead and forward it to me. Any pressing emergency situations or questions will be responded to as soon as possible. Expect an answer to general questions in one business day.

Contact me in the form below right now.

Keep in mind that I’m going to take all the risk right out of your hands, and put it directly into mine.

I’m going to make this a win-win situation for you…

I Don’t Want You To Waste A Minute Of Your Time Worrying

I know what it feels like to buy a product, and not get the intended results. So I have created a win-win situation by offering my no strings attached guarantee. The copy will be delivered on the date we both agreed upon. Then you can take up to 60 days to fully test out my copy and see how it performs.

In the rare chance you don’t see a profitable ROI, tell me and I’ll redo the whole sales letter up to two more times or until it does. I want to give you peace of mind. I want to make sure that you know I am committed as much as you are to your success.

Rubber Meets The Road

Right now you are at a cross road and you only have two roads to choose from. You can do nothing to increase your sales. Six months from now there is a good chance, you are going to have the same income and amount of sales as you currently do now.

Or there is the other road.

It’s a more profitable road. One where you could have more than you have ever dreamed of. Where you have more sales for your business and more cash…

But in order to make this happen. You need to meet me halfway and that starts by you taking the next step.

Go ahead and contact me with the information below for a secure 100% confidential consultation. I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your business, or project needs.

Let’s get started on creating more sales for your business!

To Your Future Riches,

Contact Me

Ryan@ highcalibercopy .com

P.S. Do you want higher profits? Contact me in the FORM ABOVE.

P.P.S. Do you have an emergency project that needs to be taken care of right away? Contact me so we may discuss your project as soon as possible.

P.P.P.S. You will be happy to know that you will be getting top notch sales writing that is well researched and laced with high impact sales tactics designed to increase your profits.


What if I have questions, when could I contact you?

At your earliest opportunity. You’ll get an answer to any general questions within one business day. Expect an answer to more in depth questions within two business days.

What type of results should I expect?

Results depend on the type of traffic you have coming towards your offer and the current status of your marketing. That’s why we’ll start with a full consultation to see if there are any other obstacles in your way of success besides needing great written copy. Expect a well crafted sales letter that will captivate clients and make you money. I will re-write your letter in the rare chance it doesn’t convert.

How long will my project take?

It depends on the size and type of project.

What if I need it sooner?

If you are in need of a sales letter within 1-2 weeks, then contact me ASAP to discuss a specific deadline. And I will work around the clock to deliver your copy in a timely matter. On short notice prices start at $3000 for urgent copy.

What if I have more questions?

Then go ahead and contact me with any and all questions you have and I will get back to you with a quick response.

What niches do you write for?

Mainly Fitness, Dating, & Personal Development.

What niches won’t you write for?

MLMs or Solar Energy.

What are payment terms? Or how do I pay you?

I accept payments via Paypal, check, or direct deposit. Paying by check will delay the start of the project by 10-14 days.

What type of experience do you have?

You are talking to a persuasion expert that has been through the trenches of selling. In person, over the phone and on paper. I understand what it takes to turn prospects into buyers.

Feel free to fill out the form above so we can get started on increasing your profits.

How often will I get an update?

Throughout the project, you will get timely updates when its appropriate and I won’t waste your time with minor updates.

If new information pops up that you think may be helpful, then you may go ahead and forward it to me. Any pressing emergency situations or questions will be responded to as soon as possible. Expect an answer to general questions in one business day.