A lethal persuasion trigger that will multiply your sales and clients…

Hey Ryan here. And in this article, you’ll discover exactly how to help multiply your sales and clients. Now to start off there are a ton of ways you can make more sales and get more clients.

But first let’s talk about how prospects even get to you in the first place.
So first they need to go through your website in order to become your client (if you are a 100% online business) or give you a sale. And there are many mechanisms that are used to get prospects to your website. Which is something I do for some of my clients also… But that’s a whole other article.

Anyway… if a prospect lands on your website, the way they become your client or buy something from you is through being sold. In our case for online businesses, the sale happens through reading or watching a video.

Now to get the sale is the ultimate goal. And I’m going to reveal to you a lethal secret that will boost the amount of sales and clients you get in a few minutes. But before I do, I need to cover some ground that will make everything a lot more clear.

And even if you’ve heard it before, and you’re not using it… it’s important. Because a lot of people take it for granted. And they leave a lot of money on the table because of it. I would go as far to say that this is an advanced strategy in marketing.

So if you realize what it is before I reveal it. Keep in mind, as a closer and copywriter this is a tactic I highly recommend.

But first we need to understand what people are doing.

So instead of using the tactic I’m going to reveal, what people usually do is brag and talk about how great they are. How they are almighty and powerful, and skip right into the value they can give you in their sales literature (web copy, video sales script, or salesletter).

I mean in sales and copywriting it’s an amateur move that a lot of people do. Instead of putting focus on converting, persuading, and changing their mind (which is sales btw), they brag and talk about how they are the end-all. It’s arrogant like writing hyped up copy.
And to top it off, prospects already know that you want them to believe that you are the best.

In sales and copywriting, you have to pace a prospects reality. And start from where they are at in the mind.

Talking or writing about how great you are and neglecting this lethal tactic I’m going to give you, makes your words a lot emptier. And it makes your prospects think you are “just another marketer trying to make money”. Because this is not true persuasion. And neither is this true sales.

Now am I saying you can’t close deals and make sales by talking about how great you are? No. But you will turn away and intimidate a lot of potential sales and long term clients.

When you sell or persuade. You are creating a plot. Because to persuade is to know the obstacles that may be in the way of your goal. And when you persuade, you overcome them by handling forces that are against you that live in the prospects mind.

So acting in the obvious (bragging) lays your cards on the table. Which puts a certain type of pressure on your prospects. And whereas the tactic I’m going to show you decreases this pressure and actually draws potential clients in. So instead of “pulling”, you are now releasing the pull and setting something up entirely different that will touch their emotions (drawing them in).

If you talk about how you are the best, then you fall forward flat on your face. Because they are going to either accept it, or reject it. And you have to really make sure you are grounded with who you are talking to. Making sure they aren’t playing dumb and you are ready to destroy any obstacle they throw at you.

Now on the flip side. If you talk about how you once sucked. How you were fat, sucked at reading, or you were just not ahead in the niche you are selling in. And you talk about your down points, your battle scars…

You start to do a lot of things…

But let’s give this strategy a name already! It’s called “damaged admission”. This is where you start off and begin with a damaged self. You admit your issues.

Now I’m going to go off on a tangent so we can think about it. Damaged admission… You are starting off the game, damaged. Now you have a greater plan or agenda.

And you are playing the hurt lion. In a way you are leading in your pray and not scaring them off. Also if you come to them as weaker or inured, you are now on the same playing field as the hurt lion. There is now a connection, and no reason to run away.

So you have this bigger plan, but you are being vulnerable by almost wearing your emotions on your sleeves. Now a great way to gain trust with any audience is to be vulnerable. This is true persuasion at its best. Because you’re letting your prospects in on “the real you”.

And the ugly truth is when people see problems about you, it raises their self-esteem and it makes them feel better about themselves. It sucks but its human psychology.

Now let’s get off this tangent and get onto a few benefits of “damaged admission”.

First off you start to connect with your reader. You become more relatable to them. You don’t seem like this superior person that was born with untouchable skills. Suddenly you become this person that is the same as them because your skills are replicable.

You went through the hard times. You have flaws just like them. You are “real”. You aren’t some “God”.

Then next, you make the goals your prospects want to achieve with your product or service more realistic. Because let’s face it… A majority of the people looking for a solution are at the losing side of the scale. So when they see someone looking like they were born with natural skill, or untouchable talent offering a solution. The goal seems impossible.


But if you reveal the battle scars and the struggles, the goal is now a few steps away.
And I’ll throw in one more effect that happens when you use “damaged admission”. When you start from the bottom, of how you were at your weakest point. And you talk about your path to mastery. From weakness to strength.

You start to position yourself as a hero in the eyes of your audience.
Not only are you some badass. But you are a badass that shared the story of triumph and victory. You went from where your audience is standing. To greatness.
And to add to it you are an inspiration. Now being an inspiration is 10x powerful by itself when moving your audience’s emotions.

Now that we have discussed the difference between being a self-boasting flawless guru, and someone that went from the lowest point in their life to a super hero in their skillset.

Which do you think makes a relatable inspirational coach?

The answer is pretty clear based on the way you may have felt from the salesletters, VSL’S, and gurus you have come across yourself.

Now I have made this pretty clear that this tactic is better suited for online copy. But let’s say you are on a sales call or you are in person. When you are, you don’t always have time to relate this way, because the time is counting down whether it’s an appointment, inbound, or outbound call. Sure you can keep their attention with great skill.

But the lesson you can take is to always relate, show some vulnerability. And how much your situation sucked that was similar to their situation. Or maybe you can compact something that is short in delivery revealing a low point in your life, and how you achieved mastery over your low point in relation to what you are selling.

But as far as sales copy goes on the web. It’s a powerful option to include damaged admission into your bio, about me page, your salesletters, VSL’s (video sales letter), or marketing pieces you use in general.

Why is it a good option to include it in every salesletter?

Because when you unexpectedly get cold traffic, you want to introduce the reader as if they have never heard of you. Even if they have heard of you, it won’t hurt to remind them where you came from.

Well that’s it for today.
This is me signing out. I hope you got a lot out of this article and hope you will put this to actual use.
Take care,


P.S. I’m sure you’ve gotten a good understanding on how to craft this into all your marketing pieces, articles, blogs, web copy and so on. The best advice I have is to put your soul into it. Personally when I create a “damaged admission” piece clients can insert into all of their marketing, I like to lace it with certain triggers that make them have an authoritative stereotype. Amplifying the effects of the piece and hitting multiple persuasion triggers at once.

P.P.S In my salesletters I write for clients, I love to craft powerful stories that include damaged admission. And so should you… every time. If you don’t know what you are doing it isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s best to hire a professional.