How to become an authority in your niche

Hey Ryan here. Today I want to give you one quick tip on how to become an authority in your niche. And how to do so very easily.

Let me start by bringing up the issues I have seen with a lot of clients, which is not having an about me page, home page, or web copy in general that positions them as an authority. They go on and write bland corporate style copy that puts you to sleep. HOPING that they look professional and politically correct. HOPING they are following some kind of retarded rule that if they put bland corporate writing everyone will like them and their teachers in elementary school will be proud.

I mean using humor or showing a witty personality is 10x better than bland politically correct copy. But humor isn’t what always sells. It will make potential prospects like you. But it won’t always get them to hand over the money.

If you have a product or service for sale. Or you own a business. You need to have a “closers mentality” where you are pulling in money, and selling in any way possible. Where you know what’s necessary to close more deals for your business, and you are pulling in more business as a result.

And as a side-effect every corner of your website should both increase your value in what you can offer or strengthen your image even further.

What if we didn’t use the various aspects of our website to position us as an authority….?

Let’s think about it for a moment… How else is a prospect going to know about you if they haven’t heard anything else about you, other than your website?

Yeah they can read your “about me” page, or one of your salesletters. But that’s about it. What they read or whatever video they watch is all they know about you.

I mean, if you have the opportunity to “change” a prospects mind about you, why don’t you craft the web copy they view right when they land on your site? Craft it to where you are an authority that is highly capable of delivering miraculous results through your products or services.

But you see. Plenty of people with products or services to sell leave a lot of pages blank or with very bland copy. And leave more money on the table. Most of the time prospects see boring text about your name and what city you grew up in. And that’s it.

There’s nothing special.

Then they leave thinking that you were someone with only a website. What a waste. Now your only hope is if they see an awesome article about you or they happen to come across your Facebook ad that does what you should have done on your site.
Ill drill in my point again.

Lace everything your prospects see with persuasion triggers that put you above your competition.

And here is one example I will give you…
Say you have a supplement business that delivers high quality product. Now you are a small business compared to the big supplement companies that Maria and Kathy include in their conversations after yoga.

But to turn it around. Your angle could go into how most big companies are out for profit, and add fillers into their product. While you’re a small company that started because of the belief that when people buy supplements, they should get quality product and vitamins without filler.

See what you did there? You just made yourself a lot more valuable than those multibillion dollar companies out there that want nothing but profit and have loads to spend on marketing. Not only that, but you positioned yourself as an authority.
Now you can include something like that in your “about us” or your “home page”. You can come up with little tidbits like I did above about your company that separates you or makes you better than your competition.

In turn… gaining trust with potential prospects, making them want to spend their money with you.

Well that’s all for today. I hope this inspired you enough to go change your web copy straight away, knowing that you are missing out.

Take care,

P.S. When I specifically do this for a client, I take my time and look through possible competitors in their niche. Its time consuming to look through the competition. But it’s well worth it to your bank account.

P.P.S. Sometimes your competition will give you great ideas on where you may position yourself. (Hint: when they zig you zag)